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Books Turn Muggles into Wizards Tote Bag TOTE-2011


Books Turn Muggles into Wizards Tote Bag
Design by the Harry Potter Alliance


素材 : 100% Cotton Canvas
サイズ : 縦42cm, 横37cm, マチ無し, ハンドル51cm

Each purchase supports the Harry Potter Alliance and is an investment in groundbreaking social change and leadership development programs, including their Accio Books campaign. They’ve made real impact on some of the world’s most important issues: gender equity, LGBTQ+ rights, net neutrality, and more.
こちらの商品のご購入はHarry Potter Allianceへの支援となり、Accio Books Campaignを含む社会的な革新とリーダーシップ開発プログラムへの投資となります。 ジェンダー平等、LGBTQの権利、ネットの中立性といった世界の重要問題に大きな影響を与えています。

Books turn muggles into wizards. It's a fact. Look it up on Wikipedia if you don't believe me!