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Irma S. Rombauer / The Joy of Cooking Apron


イルマ・ロンバウアー / 料理の喜び (1931)


1931 First edition
1936 Second edition
1943/1946 Third edition
1951 Fourth edition
1964 Fifth edition
1975 Sixth edition
1997 Seventh edition
2006 Eighth edition 75th Anniversary Edition

Purchase of this apron sends one book to a community in need

素材 : Cotton/Poly Twill
サイズ : 縦71cm, 横58cm

・Adjustable neck strap
・Machine wash cold
・Tumblr dry low with like colors
・Do not iron on print

Made in the USA

"Stand facing the stove" was Irma Rombauer's first instructions to the cook. And we feel "wear this apron" would have been the second instruction. Featuring the 1943 third edition cover.